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Renewable Energy solutions

Asian pricing. British quality. Why pay more!

Trade China together with our Chinese partners provide renewable energy solutions.

Trade China Ltd is quickly establishing itself as a leading consultancy and distributor of renewable energy project solutions.

Trade China has exclusive contracts with renewable energy manufacturers to supply

  • Led street lights from less than £30
  • Solar panel and wind powered turbine renewable energy street lights
  • Solar powered water heaters
  • Grade A solar panels from China
  • Wind powered renewable energy turbines
  • Explosion proof led lights, High bay led lights and fluorescent tube led light replacements
Renewable energy consultations are free once you buy your energy saving project.

About Trade China Ltd

Originally an OEM Chinese manufacturing solution company with over 14 Years experience. Trade China Ltd has quickly grown from its original form in to a renewable energy solutions consultancy and project management company.

Main renewable energy products and latest priceing and infomation curtesy of Dropbox.

Led street lights

Led Street light replacement bulbs start from under £30 allowing you to use your old street light head and can be supplied with or without IP65 water proofing depending on the IP rating of the head. Our brushed Aluminum led street lights heads start from less than £200 Delivered. All led street lights carry a 25 Year life 3 year warranty.

Solar and wind powered renewable energy led street lights

Serious about long term renewable energy solutions? Then wind turbines or solar powered led street lights are the only viable option. Solar powered led street lights charge throughout the day using a wind turbine or solar panel or a combination of both wind turbines and solar panel. Once powered up they provide continuous use through the night. Excess electricity can be used to make money from the government feed in Tariff.

Solar power hot water heaters

Solar power hot water heaters give you free hot water using the suns energy to heat hot water.

Solar panels

Grade A Solar panels from less than £0.60 per KW. Supplying the best solar panels on the market at the cheapest prices. 30 Year life 12 Year ltd warranty.

Wind powered turbines

Wind powered turbines. The UK is abundant in untapped reserves of wind energy.

Other led lighting

Led Fluorescent tube replacements.Fire proof led lights. High bay led lights.

Committed to providing the best possible financial savings without compromising quality.14 Years experience means we offer a total solution for your renewable enegy solutions.

Led street lights, solar power, council led lighting, led replacement lights, biomass energy, wind turbines, fluorescent led tube replacement, high bay lights, explosion proof led light.

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Offices in Manchester, HK, Shenzhen China
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