Trade China Ltd

Renewable energy solutions

Supplying quality Chinese solar panels, led street lights, led lights, Biomass and wind turbines.

Solar Panels

Solar panels for Goverment and private sector projects. Solar community projects. Solar farm projects. Solar buildings and housing projects.

Grade A Solar panels are supplied direct from our Solar panel manufacturer in China.

Use part of your feed in Tarif and energy savings to buy.

Wind Power


Wind powered turbines from led street light turbines to large capacity instalations. 

Use your energy saving to buy.

Wind powered renewable energy is a cost effective solution to reduce reliance on petroleum and other carbon based fuels.

Biomass as a renewable energy source can provide heat and Electric as well as producing biomass degradable fuel.

Use your energy saving to buy.

Biomass represents another affordable, way  to reduce your carbon footprint.

Led Lights

Led light projects Led street lights, Led flourescent tube replacements. Led high bay lights and Led combination lights with solar panels and wind turbines.

Use your energy saving to buy.

High quality specification our IP68 LED Street Lights carry a 70,000 hrs  7 Year warranty.


Wind Power

Wind powerd turbines price on advice. 

Solar Panels containers
UK £0.38 Plus Vat

Solar Panels €0.49 Plus Vat

Solar Panels from $0.56 per watt

Led Street Lighting

IP68 40 Watt Strret Light plus sensor £127

IP66 40 Watt Street light plus sensor £100

IP64 led street light bulbs 40 Watt £44


Biomass projects price on advice. 

Renewable finance options.

Financing renewable energy led lighting, solar power and wind turbine projects.

Payback using FIT

Payback using % of energy saving Equity stake plus energy saving and fit Equity stake plus hand back scheme


Financing renewable energy projects

partial or fully funded.